Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homosexy:::2D x Murdoc of the Gorillaz

Indeed Friends. You're eyes not deceive you- I have the found my ultimate queer fantasy. I was doing a youtube search for a gorillaz/mariah carey mash up- and Aphrodite came down and licked my spine with this extraordinary come up. 
I was laughing hysteric, and totally turned on.
Yes, Garbage-my teenage favorite supervixen dom queen band plays the soundtrack.  

 These renderings of the Gorillaz is a blend of fan art and a type of Japanese manga called Yaoi. My friend Rose first introduced me to it when were going to
highschool outside of Tokyo together.
From wiki: Yaoi (やおい)also known as Boys' Love, is a popular Japanese term for female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships,
usually created by female authors.
This picture is AMAZING. Totally looks like real Gorillaz...
You can find most of these pictures on which tends to have a TON of fan art by anime kids that I didn't hang out with in highschool because they pissed me off. Its not my fault I look like an anime character in real life. That's just my face.
 Now as you scroll through, I do want you to note how Murdoc is portrayed as dominant and 2D is submissive. I don't know a whole lot about Yaoi, but it seems as though this is a trend. Although this seems fun and sexy-
what concerns me are representations of love and violence.

As a survivor of intimate partner violence, can I just say that sometimes what makes you stay is the hot sex. The gentle beast. It can be shameful but it's just true sometimes.
I'm into being submissive as well as dominant- but I'll always be more into survival.  

 Now we make our jump into reality with CosPlay Gorillaz. People dressin' up like 2D and Murdoc to makeout. That sounds like a plan. I don't want to turn this into a really stark post now- just gotta make that clear. These pictures of 2D and Murdoc making sexy love- make me realll happy. But my critical side comes out to, there's a voice for both.
 What becomes romantic and beautiful? We see the Gorillaz characters often bruised up from an anonymous battle of sorts.
But does this change when its portrayed with a live (female?) body?
I think what attracts so many of us to the Gorillaz characters is melancholia.
 These pictures are actually pretty fucking incredible. Soft. Striking resemblance to the animated character. It appears to be a female bodied person as 2D. 
How does this work into 2D's portrayal as submissive?
 And how does substance abuse factor in?

Another animation and performance series of queer questioning
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IchibanDasai said...

Nice to see you understand now.

On another note, yay...I found the comment box. =D

Anonymous said...

wait... so 2D duznt like Noodle? never mind about that, but somehow, overall im not surprised -_- lol kool page

2D said...

Wow. I liked the video. AND the picturea. ;)

I've cosplayed 2D myself. My boyfriend cosplayed Murdoc and we kissed and people were all like "OMG LET ME TAKE PICTUUURZ!!"

I love this couple. ;P

Anonymous said...

That cosplayer is actually supatunaxxxcosplay ^__^
She's on DeviantArt and has much more

Anonymous said...

I love 2d can i have him please murdoc???? (makes cutest face possible) please cmon ill be good with him i mean by that ill beat him up alot