Sunday, October 31, 2010

Racist Halloween Geishas

Every year. Every single year. I mean c'mon ya'll really? I'm into Halloween- but this trend of yellow facing, black facing, brown facing needs to E.N.D.
Seriously, I cannot wait to dance on graves.

Just yesterday, I was all cheery and in the seasonal spirit with a half and half pumpkin latte, watchin lil babies dressed as full body cupcakes and buzz lightyear stomp around with their sucrose stacked plastic jack-o-lanterns. word. love it.

But then...
and there is always a break.

YUP. Five or Six year old Caucasian girl, with a red kimono, natty black bunned-up puff wig, white makeup face, and two rosy circles on her cheeks. Awwwww...hell naw.

I've gotten used to the 'sexy' white girl geisha. I've called 'em out. Broke it down to 'em. They deny it. Say that they are honoring and admiring the culture. I've gotten into some pretty interesting discussions. BUT REALLY? Lil' girls?

So I did a bit of research...take a look at these images.

How bout the "Madame Butterfly Child Costume"?

There's the "Kimono Kutie Child," or a few years down when no progress is made there's the adult version too...

Another Adult/Child costume comparison

The models wearing the costumes for sale are both White and Asian, bringing up different issues of yellow face. 'Yellowing' the White body vs 'Yellowing' the Yellow body. What are the different societal and psychological consequences?

Moving onto more adult costumes

How Bout some wigs?

Ya'll, seriously though it IS offensive. For one night you might be able to experience the thrill of being 'exotic,' however in reality being Asian isn't something you can take off. It's a lived experience and these caricatures are hurtful to people across the board. Asian female identity becomes limited within this stereotypes, and what does this do for example to a White woman? Is she made to feel less beautiful or special because she is 'normal'? So on halloween one is given a chance to hypersexualize themselves...
I want you to feel sexy too- that's your right. It's also my right to clear things up.
From Gwen Stefani to my beloved Kylie Minogue (pictured at top of post)- we gotta push back and systematically dismantle this problem- starting with tha chil-ren. Educate your lil girls.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bruised Barbie

As I was cruising home today I encountered nearly 100 signs with clipped, stark facts about domestic violence, after all it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (and about 6 other celebration/awareness months...)
I appreciated the educational awareness effort- it is however a highly personal issue bringing back memories of having my golden scales blasted outta my jaw publicly, lightly and psychologically.
So whadid I do? IMAGE SEARCH- and my babylove barbiedoll came up >with a black eye.
As a future Muay Thai boxer this got me thinking... everytime a woman is bruised we assume she was a victim rather than a badass.
I enjoy my bruises because they belong to me, I use this month and every month to distill violence from my body.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monae and Sinatra?

Download.....This Tightrope's Made for Walkin'

My baby Sasha and the Strand introduced me to Party Ben during out galactic tour as the Electric BlueBox... always curious to see what this fellow is mashin' up.
His masterpiece (in my opinion is without doubt) is 'Never Feel Good' a deluxe multilayered birthday cupc*ke extravaganza of bootylicious[ness] Gorillaz's 'Feel Good Inc' and Cake's 'Never There.'
That said, I feel as though this Nancy Sinatra and Janelle Monae mashup falls short. Dammit Party Ben! I know you can do this! I will personally rub down a pair of white vinyl leather boots with android flavored pompadour lube and send it to Germany! I got hookups there...

I mean, it ain't bad. Give it a listen.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Presenting the Pink Electric Tissue Box!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO The PINK Electric Tissue Box : Episode 1

Presenting Episode 1 of the Pink Electric Tissue Box...
A Diary of Lovers and Crushes, Villains and Victims

Episode 1 includes...
Walkin' in the Sand- the Shangri-Las
Dawn of the Dead- Does it Offend You Yeah?
Familiar Ground- The Cinematic Orchestra
All I Want is to be your Reckoner- Radiohead vs Timbaland (Party Ben mix)
Trailer Love- Blockhead
Bring it on home to Me- Sam Cooke
Nothing 2 Step 2- Thunderheist
Maybe-The Chantels
Always Love You- Theophilus London
Sleepyhead- Passion Pit (Bogore Dubstep Remix)