Saturday, November 27, 2010

Racist Dr. Seuss Illustrations and Animated Hitler

I don't know if this statement makes any sense, but when I saw these images I immediately thought, "AHhhh, my ice cream hurts!"
It's like that, something you love and grew up with- that's a part of you almost-becomes something painful.

The lorax was my shiiit, i mean, I own at least 3 thneeds.
Updated Thneed for blogging privacy below...

But yes, Dr. Seuss was among the political cartoon/caricature artists that created anti-Japanese propaganda. Check out these video and image examples.
I apologize (but don't) if this affects Oh, ya know, All the places you will go~
According to the official Dr. Seuss Website, "Seussville." This is how the story goes:

"Theodor ("Ted") Seuss Geisel was born on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts. His father, Theodor Robert, and grandfather were brewmasters and enjoyed great financial success for many years. Coupling the continual threats of Prohibition and World War I, the German-immigrant Geisels were targets for many slurs, particularly with regard to their heritage and livelihoods. In response, they were active participants in the pro-America campaign of World War I...
(skip to WWII)....While Ted was not an advocate of war, he knew that war against Japan and Germany was imminent. Ted contributed anywhere from 3–5 urgent political cartoons each week to PM magazine, considered by many to be a liberal publication. Despite the steady work from PM, however, Ted wanted to contribute more to the war effort."
Above image: hmmm... when you say cages- do you mean thangs like the racial incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans?

He developed a series of animated training films [with Warner Bros and Chuck Jones], which featured a trainee called Private Snafu. At first, many balked at the idea of a "cartoon" training series, but the younger recruits really responded to them."

Well that's what Dr. Seuss's website said. The truth is, the Private Snafu cartoons were not only racist but EXTREMELY sexist- explicitly made for only men to see. This video has some examples, but the second video below "booby trap" is blatantly offensive on so many levels.

Readers::::: Please note the following:::::
-Dr. Seuss rendered Hitler
-Nazi Moose
-Nazi tits
-A telephone booth 'Jap' Spy

In this next video, Snafu violates a 'woman' who's 'tits and ass' are matching sets of explosives. No joke.

A Video Still from video above...Snafu about to smack ass.

and another still from Private Snafu...

And if it wasn't bad enough...yeah. Hmmm Birth of a Nation + Cat in the Hat?
After all this I just have one question...

Don't eat it.


Anonymous said...

I can answer the question... its green eggs and ham!lol